Learn how to perform the 500 Rep Workout provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.!

Make the 500 Rep Workout Your Training Foundation

Nothing will last unless it has a strong foundation… Let me explain to you why you should build your workout base on the 500 rep workout platform.

The main reason why we all have difficulty maintaining […]

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500 Rep Workout Routine for Beginners: An Introduction to the Foundation of Fitness

You gotta start somewhere…. Exercise Menu is the perfect place to learn how to workout and lose weight.

The 500 Rep Workout is the perfect workout for those beginning an exercise program because this is the […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Do a 500 Rep Workout

Not yet convinced that the 500 rep workout is for you? Give me a chance to sell you a good workout plan with 4 reasons why you should make the 500 rep workout the base of your resistance training foundation!

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Fitness eBook- The Exercise Blueprint: Building the Foundation of Fitness!

I’m happy to be able to offer my first fitness eBook, The Exercise Blueprint: Building the Foundation of Fitness — it’s a series of my best fitness articles on making your workouts simpler, efficient and […]

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