How to Perform Calf Raises

Background: The gastroc and soleus muscles or your “calves” are the strongest pound for pound muscle in your body. Just think — that small muscle in the back of your leg will support 100% of your bodyweight as you stand on your toes on one foot. Therefore, in order to keep these muscles strong and healthy, you have to exercise them. What better way than to perform the Calf Raise exercise.

Muscles Worked: Calves

Starting Position
You will need a wall or a sturdy object to grab onto. Place both feet about 2-4 inches apart while holding on to the wall or sturdy object.

INHALE: Stand as high as you can on your toes.
EXHALE:Return to the starting position.

Try to keep your legs as straight as possible. This will help tighten your lower extremity muscles and focus more of the resistance on your calves.