I am surprised that it is difficult to find a bowling workout routine on the internet these days. Why have bowler’s been forgotten? Maybe it’s because bowling is more of a past time than a sport for many. Either way, when you bowl, you are rifling at least a 10 pound ball down a lane. Some prefer to launch the ball at speeds up to 20 mph, while others need the strength to project the ball with spin to get it to curve. No matter how you bowl, a bowling workout routine can get you closer to 300.

Muscles Worked with Bowling

The muscles used when bowling must be identified before designing a bowling workout routine. I came across this quick video when researching the topic:

  • Core – Every bowling workout routine should include exercises that strengthen the core muscles, which include the abdominals and back. From the beginning of your approach, as you bring the bowling ball back, your core muscles provide stability. As you wind up and bowl, your core muscles keep you balance so you can control the bowling ball and hit your target.
  • Lower Body – Many of your lower body muscles are used when bowling as well. Bowling is the only sport that I can think of where you are essentially performing a lunge as part of the bowling motion. Therefore, strengthening the muscles in your thigh and hamstrings are the focus. Keeping these muscles strong will also help to control your aim and provide stability. Targeting lower body muscles is an essential component of a bowling workout routine.
  • Upper Body – Finally, a bowling workout routine must also include upper body muscles. You hold the ball up to your chest, activate your triceps as you cock the ball back, and then use your biceps and chest muscles to bowl. Expect these muscles to be heavily represented in this bowling workout routine.

Bowling Workout Routine

Bowling Workout Routine Instructions

Perform each exercise as described below. Imagine how the muscle group is used to bowl!

Jog in place for 2 minutes for a brief warm up. 

Perform 100 reps of the ab twists exercise in this bowling workout routine to improve your core strength. This twist will help to improve your stability while you bowl. 

Every bowling workout routine should include the lunge curls exercise. This exercise reproduces a significant part of your bowling motion. 

A bowling workout routine should not neglect the triceps muscles. Bowling requires you to activate this muscle as you cock the ball back prior to release. The more strength and control that you have here, the better your bowling accuracy will be. 

Finish the bowling workout routine with another core exercise. The importance of core strength cannot be expressed enough!


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