Would it be cliche’ to say The Power of Now is… Well, is one of the most powerful books I have ever read? So much so, that I am offering this non-sponsored book review of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Like many searching for answers in this life, I have read a self-help book here and there. Some were good, others terrible, and there were those full of “fluff and puff” life tips that were supposed to make me feel like I could dominate every corner of the world. As energy fades after drinking an afternoon cup of coffee, so did the high from these books.

It’s funny how things in life work though. You never know what you can learn from unexpected places. I was out living my normal life, when I came across a good friend. We were catching up and I heard and watched myself complain about how busy I was, blah, blah blah, but couldn’t stop myself! My friend asked if I read self-help books, and a red flag went up… What was he trying to say? I just took it as a nice offer for assistance and didn’t think much of it.

Finally, I reached another point in life that I really needed help to get through. I prayed for an answer, and then immediately remembered the conversation I had weeks earlier. Out of curiosity, I looked up The Power of Now and read a book review.

Honestly, trying to convince you to read this book is difficult in just a book review. Words can’t describe how real it is. In taking teachings from the Bible, the author really spells out what it truly means to live a life in which you can control pain, worry, fear, and stress. He reminds us of the tools God has provided to help us actually enjoy this life, instead of just trying to get the most out of it. A reminder that was much needed. Even better, I actually use many of the methods taught in this book on a daily basis.

The Power of Now is more than a book, it’s a resource. Official book review recommendation- I highly recommend this read.

Know of any other self-help books that made an impact in your life? Please share your thoughts below.

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