Every now and then, we can all use a body reset. For whatever the reason, we took a few days of “extra rest” or recently went through a stressful, busy time where we slipped up on our workout discipline. First of all, don’t beat yourself up about it. It happens to the best of us (including me, as to why I developed this Body Reset Workout Routine). Instead of dwelling in the past, forget it and focus on what you can do now.

The Body Reset Workout Routine is designed to gently, but effectively reset the muscles that have not received much attention lately. To effectively body reset, a workout must include a mixture of multi-joint upper and lower body exercises; in addition to, isolate muscle exercises that work specific muscle groups that you use the most in daily life. Finally, an effective body reset workout must give attention to the core back and ab muscles. This 500 rep, body rest workout includes 10 different exercises to address all areas of your body. Don’t let the “500 reps” scare you away. This Body Reset Workout is completely doable, because it only include 50 repetition of each exercise that you can perform at your own pace. Granted, to get the best results, you do want to go through the Body Reset Workout as fast as possible.

Ready to refresh? You will be glad that you did 🙂

The Body Reset Workout Routine

Perform 50 repetitions of each exercise as fast as you can. Take a 30 second to one minute break when you need to.
First up in the body reset workout, your upper body muscles. Hit all of your major upper body muscle groups first!

Now hit all of the major muscle groups in your lower body for a lower body reset!

Targeting the biceps… Focus on standing up straight!

Attention to your core… Go slow and stay controlled with these.

Work those glutes and hamstrings!

A great exercise to keep your upper back and neck muscles strong…

Up fast and down slow with these to get the best effect…

Back to working your upper back… This is a great exercise to help improve your posture!

Last lower body exercise to reset your lower body muscles…

Hold this for as long as you can for 100 total seconds. Clear your mind while you hold this isometric position that will improve your posture and back strength.