Let us introduce you to Stacy Lamorte, a personal trainer based in New Orleans. She has an independent in-home personal training business and is a busy mother of 3 children. A huge thanks to Stacy Lamorte for taking the time to share her experiences and expertise with us in this interview. 

Thanks Stacy for agreeing to do this interview. How long have you been a personal trainer and tell us more about your business?

Thank you for asking me!  I have been a Personal Trainer for 15 years. Currently, I am doing individual and double in-home personal training, but in 2016 will be getting a studio where I can hold small-group personal training classes.  I specialize in training women and have worked with all demographics.  I love helping people to feel stronger and more disciplined in their lives.

It’s a New Year, and many likely ate and drank too much over the Holidays. It’s also easy to skip workouts during this time of the year. How can we get back into the swing of things?

This is definitely an issue, especially living in New Orleans, where now we are moving straight into Mardi Gras!  I would say the best way to get back to your routine is to have a clear, concise goal and a plan to implement it.  Write down your goal in your own handwriting and put it somewhere you will see it throughout the day (i.e. your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, etc.)  Then find a partner who will help you stick to your goal.  This could be your significant other, a close friend, a friend at the gym, or a personal trainer.  If you know you are not disciplined, you may want to start off the year with a trainer until you make your new routine a habit, which usually takes about two months.  No matter what you choose, though, be sure it will be someone who will not let you “off the hook” easily.  This gives you will power when the will power is not there.

Do you believe in “detoxing?” 

I have never done a detox diet, personally, because I believe more in eating a clean diet and ingesting as few toxins as possible, drinking lots of water every day, and trying to keep the air you breathe as clean as you can.  This means no smoking.  This also includes not using chemicals and extra fragrances in your home and car. That being said,  I get this question a lot lately and have been doing quite a bit of research on detox.  I think I may try one myself after Mardi Gras!

If so, what is the best way to detox and what detoxing fads should be avoided?

In the research that I have done, I have found that if you know that you have been bombarding your body with alcohol, foods rich in trans-fats, artificial colors, and sugar (like those holiday foods you were talking about) and you truly feel that you need to clear as many of those toxins out of your body as you can, I would say to do your research and find a detox that looks like it could work for you.  Realize, however, that most weight lost during a fast or a detox is water weight and will likely return as soon as you return to your normal diet. 

This New Year is bringing new responsibilities to many. How much exercise do I really need and what is the best way to make sure I’m getting enough?

This really does depend on what your goal is, but you should plan on exercising at least 25 to 30 minutes four to five days per week.  You should be breaking a sweat during each workout and be out of breath enough that you can still carry on a conversation, but that you are not breathing as you would at rest.  Ideally, you will know that you are getting enough because you will begin seeing the results you would like to see!

What diet plan do you recommend?

I recommend eating several small meals throughout the day and always starting with a breakfast that includes produce and protein.  Sometimes this means not eating “traditional” breakfast foods, but things that give you a feeling of satiety without feeling heavy.  I try to make most of my snacks produce, as this guarantees those 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day!  Most importantly, though, is portion control.  No matter what meal you are eating, try to eat with the purpose of fueling your body.  If you have that as your focus while you are eating, you will tend to make better choices and only eat until you feel satisfied and not “full”.  Don’t eat while you are doing other things like working on your computer, watching television, etc.  This distracts you from listening to your body’s signals to let you know that you have had enough.  Make mealtimes times to be thankful for having food to nourish your body.

What are your top three favorite moves?

That is a fun question!  I love to do oblique exercises on the exerball, burpees (it is a love/hate relationship), and traveling lunges.  They are all so effective and work multiple muscle groups at the same time. 

What are the best workouts to do in a time crunch?

My favorite workouts to do in a time crunch are “T25” (another love/hate relationship), or a combination of a 15-minute run followed by sit ups and burpees add pushups. 

What is the most common obstacle/excuse you hear from your clients?

Without a doubt it is “not enough time”.  This is simply a matter of planning.  I know it sounds boring to plan out your life so rigidly, but I find when my husband and I sit down with our calendars on Sunday afternoon/evening and write down our obligations for work, our kids, and extracurricular events, we have a much more relaxed week even though it is still busy.  We plan our menu for the week so that we only have to go to the grocery store once or twice and we don’t always have to ask each other the dreaded question: “What should we have for dinner?”  This saves money, time, and the likelihood of buying “impulse” junk at the store or dashing out to grab dinner at a restaurant or fast-food joint. 

So, when you have planned out your week, you can plan your workouts where they will fit best and are more likely to stick to them if you have scheduled an appointment with a trainer or a friend/partner.    

Any advice on how to stick with my goals throughout the whole year?

I reiterate having a “running partner” or a trainer to help you adhere to your goals.  Also, having that plan in place written out or somewhere that you can chart your progress with encourage you when you are discouraged and help you to see the trends in how your workouts are benefitting you.

Anything else to add?

Make time in the morning to focus on your day ahead.  If you are a person who prays or meditates, take time to ask our Creator for strength in the day ahead and to help you to be the best version of yourself that you can be that day.  Starting off your day this way helps to bring clarity and a sense of gratitude for everything in your life.

Also, try to have fun and not necessarily look at traditional workouts.  If you have kids, play with them outside.  It is great to spend that quality time with them that they will enjoy and you get everyone moving!  If you don’t have kids, look at websites like meetup.com and find fitness groups that get together to do fun things.  Fitness does not have to cost a fortune! Set your goal, write it down, then try lots of fun things until you find what works for you.  Best wishes for a positive, healthy year! 

2006 to Present: Independent In-Home Personal Training Business Fitness Certifications: July 2002 – Cooper Institute – CI Personal Trainer Certification June 2005 – Cooper Institute – Biomechanics of Resistance Training Certification May 2008 – Cooper Institute – Pre- and Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification November 2012 – Cooper Institute – Weight Management Strategies Course Participation July 2015 – Cooper Institute – Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Certification IDEA Member since 2002 CPR Certified Interests/Hobbies: I love being with my family and cooking, gardening, exercising, photography, and playing with my three children. I also enjoy reading, both for enjoyment and for research in fitness and wellness. IDEA Fitness Journal is my favorite!