Beginning, committing and sticking with a workout program can be quite difficult, particularly if there is no endpoint or goal in mind. Times when you get home and just aren’t feeling it, you have to make sure the reason for working out is better than the excuse not to. So you have to sometimes be creative in finding ways to convince yourself to take a step towards your goals. You can do this by training like an athlete!

Now, I do not mean go a try-out for your local professional sports team, or even sign up for a triathlon, marathon or race. But you must have a fitness goal that you want to accomplish.

Try creating your own event! For example, you can set a goal to be able to do 30 push ups non-stop, then 100 situps, then finish with a two-mile run. Of course, you won’t be able to get up and accomplish this goal immediately if it is appropriate, but you should be able to over a certain time period, say 3 months. Put this goal in writing and tape it to your refrigerator, computer or TV. Keep a journal to monitor your progress and make sure you are progressing like you should.

You may also consider signing up for an actual race or join a recreational sports team. There are also many fantastic phone apps that keep things challenging, fun and athletic. Check out this Runtastic App!

Then when that time comes to convince yourself to workout, the angel on your right shoulder will have a better excuse than the negative voice on the left….

Share your workout ideas below!