The Exercise menu Arms and Abs Workout Routine is designed to target virtually every muscle in your body that is above your waist. Some of the exercises will work towards making certain arms and abs muscles larger and stronger. Other exercises will focus more on stabilization, to help you improve your posture. Better posture will make your arms and abs look bigger and stronger in the end. Put all of this together and you have an effective upper body, arms and abs 500 rep workout routine.

Arms and Abs 500 Rep Workout Routine


Perform 100 repetitions of each exercise. Take a break when you need to, but try to do as many as you can each time.

Gotta start with a classic. If you have time, do these slow, which will result in larger muscles.

You asked for Abs… You will get Abs…

100 on each side… Feel the burn!!!

Work your internal and external obliques with an ab twists exercise!

You got this!!! Workout your upper back to improve your posture!

[youtube id=”-Jzc8BQS2RE?” width=”600″ height=”350″

Nice work in completing this Abs and Arms 500 Rep Workout Routine! Your upper body is looking better already 😉