• A place to sit comfortably in silence
10 minutes of meditation


Why You Really Should Meditate Daily

For the majority of my life, I was an active person. As a child I played almost every sport and began lifting weights at the age of 11. I was a leader in my high school gym and choose a life that allowed me to coach other’s to a healthier physical lifestyle.

It was not until about a year ago that I realized the importance of spiritual and emotional health as part of the “healthy lifestyle” equation.

Let me be honest. I have always believed in God and a higher spiritual world, but I never fully understood what it all meant. I mentally knew these things, but rarely felt them. Instead of trying to know more about my spiritual self, I neglected it, for the most part at least, to give more attention to my muscles and endurance. Even then, I never felt completely fulfilled until I began a regular practice of meditation.

As I sit here and look at my computer screen, I honestly can’t put the words together to describe the impact that regular exercise and meditation can have on your life.

Meditation Fills In the Gaps

Your mind can be vicious if you let it. I don’t think it would be a surprise to you to tell you that an unhealthy mind can surely lead to negative, sometimes detrimental, physical effects.

Here is a fairly inclusive list of the negative ways your mind can affect your body: Surprising Physical Signs of Depression.

Because of the strong effects the mind can have on your body, it makes sense that we also have to train our minds in similar ways that we train our muscles… And that’s where developing a regular habit of meditation comes into play.

I also have to admit to you that I was hesitant to begin practicing meditation. I guess from old cartoons or TV shows, I thought that you sit in a dark, quiet room, hum, and try not to have thoughts. My first unguided attempt at this was awkward and did not go well at all. So, I did abandon my meditation attempts fairly quickly, until an unbalanced mind had me searching for more peace. Fortunately I came across guidance from loved ones and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, that taught me the proper way to practice meditation. I wrote a book review that you can click here to check out. I highly recommend reading this book.

Finally, meditation not only helps to prevent your mind from hurting your physically, but meditation also fills in the gaps in the sense that you learn to control your cravings and learn to truly commit to your workout routines. If you think about it, a healthy mind will talk you out of eating “just a couple of more cookies.” It will also talk you into working out today, although you feel  like taking it easy to rest… Your mind is where all behavior starts. Learn to keep it balanced and healthy behaviors will soon follow.

Today’s Workout Routine

Today, I want you to rest your body and focus on resetting your mind. Spend 20 minutes today to learn more about meditation and how you can include it in your life. If you already practice meditation, use an additional 20 minutes to meditate or research new ways to enhance your practice.

Here is a great blog by Leo Baubata that can teach you how to begin or enhance your meditation practice: zenhabits.net.

Make meditation a regular practice and you will enter a new realm of fitness that you never knew existed…