I’m sitting on the couch, chillin’. Watching TV, downing a cold glass of water, it’s late in the evening and I haven’t done my workout routine for the day. I got a lot done around the house, and I truly feel accomplished for the day. So… Can I skip my workout routine for the night?

Part of my say “yes,” the other part “no,” and a mediator that says “if it is quick and easy.”

Okay, fine. I will make a deal with the middle man. If the workout routine for the evening is quick and easy, then I will be up for it.

Hmmm. Now seems like a good time for a Pyramid Workout Routine, and since I biked yesterday, I need to put a little more time and focus on my core and upper body.

After all, I do want to keep my core strong so I can avoid the perils of low back pain. The importance of core strengthening cannot be ignored and researchers tend to agree. 

I also agreed to myself to keep the workout routine simple tonight. So simple, it will just include two exercises, the Ab Wheel and the Push Up.

Let’s get to it.

Ab Wheel, Push Ups Pyramid Workout

First, Learn how to perform the pyramid workout routine.

Instructions: Perform the Ab Wheel (Learn how to use the Ab Wheel) 10 times, and them perform 10 Push Ups. Now perform the Ab Wheel 9 times, and then 9 push ups, etc. Keep alternating until you get down to one, and then perform 11 of each in your last set!

I hope you enjoy this simple, quick and effective upper body and core workout routine in this Ab Wheel, Push Ups pyramid workout format. When done, check out some of the other pyramid workout routines available!


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When you are finished record the time it took you to complete below to share with others!