Cardiovascular exercise (AKA Fast Pace) is the best method for losing weight. Cardiovascular exercise causes you to burn calories at a high rate, particularly when you exercise at a high intensity. However, resistance exercise, or weight training, can also contribute to weight loss. When you lift weights you burn calories during the actual exercise. Resistance training also builds muscle mass, which also burns calories in the resting state! Therefore, increasing your muscle mass will increase your metabolism and help you burn calories throughout the day. Try this new workout that focuses on the eight best resistance exercises for weight loss.[divider]

Perform 3 sets of 10 for each exercise.

1. The Wood ChopThis is one of my personal favorite exercises because it works almost every muscles in your body. Perform it at a fast pace to really turn up the heat and get a few calories Exercise Menu

2. Lunges I’ll admit… Lunges are like eating your vegetables… It’s not the favorite exercise of many, but it’s the best to work the large muscles in your lower body. Because you have so much muscle in your legs, working them and making them stronger will allow you to burn more calories when working out and at rest. Nothing good comes easy!

3. The Squat Shoulder Press Do this exercise at a fast pace and you may agree that this should be called the “Squat Shoulder HEART Press” because you should really feel your heart pumping. Any exercise that works the heart, burns fat.

4. The Ab TwistAlthough spot reduction is a myth (the idea that you can do a thousand crunches and burn abdominal fat), this intense exercise works your core muscles, which makes up a significant portion of your total body muscle mass. More muscles, more fat burned. Twist at a comfortable pace.

5. The Push Up or Modified Push Up If I had to do one exercise for my upper body for the rest of my life, it would be the Push Up because it works all of the large muscles of your upper body. Go slow, or fast. Feel the burn in the muscles. More burn = more fuel needed = more calories burned!

6. Calf Raises – If you have ever jumped rope, you know how much burn you can create in your calf muscles. Grant it, these are not the largest muscles in you body; however, they are of the most efficient. Therefore, you have to do a lot of calf raises to burn significant calories. But since your calf muscles can handle it, do high reps! Aim for 20 or more for three sets.

7. Upright Row SquatsAny exercise that works both your upper and lower body will burn a significant number of calories. The Upright Row Squat is no exception. Keep your back as straight as possible, work hard and cash in those calories.

8. Flutter KicksDon’t let the fact that you lay on your back for this exercise fool you! Flutter kick at a pace that you would jog. Perform the exercise for as long as you can tolerate without taking a break. Stay consistent and watch how you improve over time.

If you don’t lose weight after a month of consistently performing these exercises three times a week… You will get your Exercise Menu Membership fee Refunded…  Seriously, this is a great workout, enjoy!