Not only is circuit training becoming the most popular way to exercise, researchers are also showing that circuit training can produce similar strength gains in less time.  Typically, when designing a circuit training workout routine, you choose the part of the body that you want to exercise and then choose the type of circuit training workout routine that you want to perform. Because you are on this post, you must be looking for a circuit training style 6-pack abs body weight pyramid workout routine.

Good choice…

Why? When working out your abs and hour core, you must find workout routines that can increase your core strength and improve endurance, considering your core muscles are firing at every minute of the day that you are sitting or standing. In addition, your core muscles are instrumental in helping you to perform other exercises for body parts better.

I also like the pyramid workout format. It’ s not boring. And it’s a super-effective way to build ab strength.

Here is how you perform a pyramid workout routine:

Now on to the workout!

6-Pack Abs Body Weight Pyramid Workout Routine

Perform 10 of each, then 9 of each, 8, 7, 6....1 and then finish your last set with 11 of each.

Go slow with these to isolate your core muscles.

Again, go slow with these. Make sure you are breathing throughout the repetition.

Make sure your hips get as high off the ground as you can get them.

Now you get to speed up your pace! Do these ab twists as fast as you can!