Sometimes you just need a fresh start. It may be because you fell off track for a bit, or just need a total body reset. The 500 Rep Workout for a total body refresh targets many different muscle groups in your body to help wake them up and get them back into your regular workout routine.

It’s amazing how easy it is to miss a workout and how hard it is to get back into one. I guess it’s a sort of “exercise inertia.” When you are on track, workouts are easy. But when you stop, it’s much harder to get the train moving again. Well, the 500 rep workout for a total body refresh is designed to do just that for you. The exercises in this 500 rep workout routine are mostly of a moderate difficulty and are designed to exercise many different muscle groups. Complete this 500 rep workout at your own pace and reap the benefits of feeling refreshed!

Good luck!

500 Rep Workout: Total Body Refresh

Perform 100 repetitions of each exercise at your own pace. Take a break when you need to.