You gotta start somewhere…. Exercise Menu is the perfect place to learn how to workout and lose weight.

The 500 Rep Workout is the perfect workout for those beginning an exercise program because this is the workout that YOU control. You can make it as variable or intense as you want, but you have a goal to meet every time you lace up your tennis shoes. 500 reps, or repetitions, is your destination for each workout. You can choose to do 5 exercises with 100 reps each, for example, or 10 exercise with 50 reps each. You do not have to do 100 reps or 50 reps without a rest! The best part about this workout is that you rest when you need to and jump back into your exercise when you feel comfortable. Here are two examples:

For Women:

Jane choose to do a quick workout after a long day at work. She is wanting to lose weight without getting bulky and building too much muscle. She tries the Back to the Basics 500 Rep Workout that includes the following exercises:

Push Ups or (Modified) Push Ups


Ab Twist

Calf Raise

Flutter Kicks

Because Push Ups are challenging, she chooses the (Modified) Push Ups and breaks them down into 10 sets of 10 with a 20 second rest between sets. Next, she is a bit better at Squats and is able to do 5 sets of 20 without any weight added. She takes a one minute break and does 5 sets of 20 Ab Twists. Now more than halfway done with her workout, she moves on to Calf Raises where she is able to perform 3 sets of 30 and one last set of 10 reps. Finally, she finishes with a lower body and abdominal exercise in Flutter Kicks, where she does 4 sets of 25 repetitions. The entire workout takes her 28 minutes and she posts her time below to share with her Facebook friends and for future reference.

For Men:

Mike want to build bigger muscle and become leaner. In addition, he wants to target his upper body. So he chooses the Build Upper Body Strength 500 Rep Workout, which includes:

Jog in Place

Curl and Delts (Dumbbells)

Tricep Dips

Shoulder Circles (Dumbbells)

Reverse Flys (Dumbbells)

Decline Push Up on the Bench

After his two minute Jog in Place warmup, he choose 30 lb. dumbbells and performs one set of 20 Curl and Delts, the next set of 15, a third set of 15 and the last five sets of 10. For Tricep Dips, he performs the first set of 50, the next set of 30 and the final set of 20. For the remaining exercises, he challenges himself with the proper weight, and rest when he needs to to reach 100 total reps for each exercise. He then shows off his time to complete by leaving his time for completing this exercise on Facebook below.

With the 500 Rep Foundation, you can make this exercise as challenging as you want. Further, it is understandable that you may not reach 500 reps in your workout, but it should be the goal that you strive for. Perform three of these workout each week and you will reach a level of fitness that you never thought was possible.

Here are 5 exercises to work your entire body that you can do as a beginner to begin your 500 Rep Workout lifestyle!

Two – Arm Curls (Dumbbells)

Squats (Body Weight Only) 

Pilates Crunch 

Tricep Dips 


Good luck!