The 500 rep workout routine for body fitness is one of the most complete workout routines that you can perform. The concept is simple — perform 100 repetitions of 5 different exercises. Use a heavier weight to build more muscles or use a lighter weight to improve endurance. Because our goal for this 500 rep workout routine is to increase body fitness, we will choose to perform exercises that involve multiple muscles in the body.

Try to reach 100 reps of each exercise with as few breaks as possible, but feel free to take a 30 second to 1 minute break when you need to. Try to get through the 500 rep workout as fast as possible to improve your body fitness. (Read more on what defines “fitness.”)

Let’s get to the workout!

500 Rep Workout for Body Fitness

Perform 100 repetitions of each exercise. Take a break when you need to, but get through the 500 rep workout as fast as possible.

Control your entire body throughout the Wood Chop movement. Go slow when moving down toward the starting position.

Make sure you keep your back straight and abs tight the entire time.

Up fast, down slow… Up fast, down slow…

Two seconds equals one rep. Make sure your back is straight and make sure you are breathing.

Tighten up those legs and glutes!

Nice work today! See you back soon 🙂