Today is the day… Today is the day that you looked at yourself in the mirror this morning and decided that you wanted to target and improve every muscle in your body from the waist up. You want to check off another core workout and get your arms and shoulders ready for tank top season.

Fortunately for you, Exercise Menu results are guaranteed.

Time to “get cut” and improve the overall tone and strength of your upper body.

The Upper Body “Get Cut” 500 Rep Workout Routine


Perform 100 total reps of each exercise as fast as possible. Rest when you need to.

Keep your back straight and be sure to breathe!

Remember to keep your back straight!

Make sure you try your best to get your hips off the ground.

This is an excellent exercise that works the muscles of your upper back.

Can’t ignore the classic!

Congrats on completing this challenging 500 Rep Workout!