Your legs are like tires on a car. They are the only contact that your body has with the ground. A car can have a great engine, look nice and have all of the luxurious features, but if the tires are worn and deflated, performance will suffer. Similarly, you may eat healthy, look great and have chiseled abs, but can’t run a mile because of poor leg strength.

This 500 Rep Stone Legs Workout Routine is designed to help you to build lower body strength to improve lower body muscle endurance and performance. Not to mention, this 500 Rep leg workout routine will make your legs look great!

500 Rep Stone Legs Workout Routine

Perform 100 repetitions of each exercise. Rest when you need to, but complete the workout routine as fast as you can.
Give some good attention to the largest muscles in your lower legs!
Be explosive!
Work your backside!
Burn every muscle in your lower leg and improve your cardiovascular endurance in the process!

Hold for 200 total seconds to equal 100 reps