If you want to burn calories with a resistance training calorie burn workout routine, your best bet is to choose exercises that involve large muscle groups and multiple joints at the same time. Combine that with a 500 rep workout routine foundation and you have the perfect formula for a workout routine that will build muscle and help you lose fat quickly. Top your 500 rep workout routine off with a lean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, protein, complex carbohydrates and hydration, and you will be a fit machine in no time. Even better (as if you aren’t sold already!), your body will thank you for keeping multiple joints involved in your exercises as your knees, back, foot joints and upper body joints will stay healthy and well lubricated thanks to your multi-joint calorie burn workout routine.

Personally, I like to choose a multi-joint calorie burn workout routine when I don’t have time to isolate joints during a workout. For example, when in a rush, it is much more efficient to do 100 reps of Squat Curls instead of 100 reps of curls, and then 100 reps of squats. Only when I have time, can I isolate certain joints, or if there is a definite deficiency or weakness I need to correct. But, when I’m just trying to knock out a good workout, I turn to a multi-joint calorie burn workout routine.

To help you also keep your workouts convenient, here is a 500 rep multi-joint calorie burn workout routine to save you time, build muscle and burn fat!

Burn 2 coffee mugs of fat per week (equal to two pounds):

Pound of Fat

One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. Cut and burn calories to lose weight!

and you will be on track for a normal rate of weight loss!

Get it done!

Multi-Joint Calorie Burn Workout Routine


For this workout routine, perform 100 reps, or repetitions, of each exercise. Go at your own pace and rest when you need to, but try to do as many as you can at one time and take as little rest as possible.

You want to get through this workout routine as quickly as you can.

A complete upper and lower body exercise. Really the only joint left out is the shoulder joint — but we will address that! Don’t you worry!

The upper body, multi-joint workout standard…

Targets most joints in your body, with a heavy focus on your abs. 

I promised you a shoulder workout routine, didn’t I?

Finish strong with abs. Work out for the week!

Nice work in completing this Multi-Joint Calorie Burn Workout Routine!