Boxing is all about strength and speed. While hitting the speed bag, jumping rope and shadow boxing will help you quicken your fists, performing this 500 Rep Heavy Hitter Boxer’s Workout Routine will seriously improve your strength in those heavy hitter muscles.

Which muscles do you need to target? Definitely focus on your core most importantly, which this workout will address. After that, strengthening your triceps, biceps, chest and shoulders are most important. The 500 rep Heavy Hitter Boxer’s Workout Routine will surely target these areas.

This 500 Rep Workout routine will not only help you improve your strength, it will also help you improve your endurance considering the 500 repetitions that you will be performing with this workout routine.

Give this workout your all… Hit it hard, and you will be hitting hard!

500 Rep Heavy Hitter Boxer’s Workout Routine

Perform 100 reps of each exercise. Time yourself and get through this 500 rep workout as fast as possible.

Imagine you are hitting the heavy bag hard with each twist!

If you only had to do one exercise to hit hard, this would be the one…

The Front Shoulder raise targets the anterior deltoid muscle and pectorals to increase your punching strength.

Strengthens the extension movement of your arm for a stronger punch.

Finish your 500 with the Superman exercise to work your back muscles. 2 seconds equals 1 rep.