A strong core is important in many sports. This fact is unfortunately often overlooked. A strong core provides balance and stability to your entire body as a whole. But more importantly, any force that passes from your lower body to your upper body has to be transmitted through your core! If your core is week, a good bitĀ of the force transmission is lost. With a strong core, there is minimal loss in force transmission.

Baseball is undoubtedly one of the sports that requires a strong core. In every aspect of the game, core strength is important, particularly with swinging and throwing. But don’t forget how important core strength also is with running and quickly changing directions when fielding.

To get your core stronger for baseball this season, I definitely recommend the exercises provided in this 500 Rep Baseball Strong Core Workout Routine. Perform this workout at least twice per week to optimize your core strength.

500 Rep Baseball Strong Core Workout Routine

Perform each exercise as described!