Today is ab day… And we are going to hit it hard!

While this 500 rep ab workout routine will surely strengthen your abdominal muscles and burn quite a few calories, you must remember that a proper diet is probably most important if you want those abdominal muscles to show. Combined with cardiovascular exercise (particularly high-intensity interval training), a low calorie, but healthy diet will keep the fat between your skin and ab muscles thin so that six pack can show.

I like the 500 rep ab workout routine because you are doing exercises that are difficult enough to build muscle, but also doing enough reps to improve core endurance and burn a few calories. You will surely feel this workout when you are done!

Let’s go!

The 500 Rep Ab Workout

Perform 100 repetitions of each exercise. Take a break when you need to, but try to get through the workout as fast as possible.
Warm up your entire body with the Wood Chop!
Step into a more challenging workout with the V-Up!
Keep it balanced with a back exercise. Superman
Try to do this holding a dumbbell.
Each step counts as one rep. Bring your knees in tight!