High intensity interval training (HIIT) is among the best workout routines to burn fat and improve your endurance (aerobic and anaerobic capacity). In fact, new research is continuing to show that high intensity interval training may be better than traditional, moderate intensity training for overall cardiovascular fitness. Even better, much of the research on high intensity interval training in performed on the bike; therefore, the results from many of those studies is directly applicable to your own bike workout routines.

In order to properly perform a HIIT workout routine, you must absolutely remember that your “work interval,” or the part of the “high intensity workout” must be done with 120% effort! The key to getting the awesome results that HIIT training can provide is to make sure you push yourself to the max!

30-Minute Bike High Intensity Interval Workout Routine

Equipment: 1. Interval Timer 2. Bike of your choice

Interval: 1:1

Step 1

Perform a 2 minute warm up pedal.

Step 2

30 Seconds of pedaling as fast as possible, and then 30 seconds of slow, recovery pedaling. Continue to alternate 30 times for a complete 30-minute workout routine.

Step 3

Cool down and slow pedal for 2-3 minutes until you comfortably catch your breath.


  • Remember to push your limits!
  • Sip water throughout your workout routine to avoid dehydration
  • Perform this workout, or similar HIIT workouts 2-3 times per week for optimum cardiovascular fitness and weight loss