If you are searching for a direct path to physical fitness, look no further because the Exercise Menu 30-Day Fitness Challenge is your “yellow brick road” to optimal health! The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is one of the easiest, most convenient and effective ways to begin or improve your workout program cost free and with minimal equipment.

The Exercise Menu 30-Day Fitness Challenge is a must-try for many reasons:

  • It’s designed by a physician, AKA “me!” Yes I am a physician specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, but in my heart, I am a personal trainer first. Being a personal trainer is how I fell in love with fitness and developed a strong desire to share my knowledge and experiences of getting in shape with others. The 30-Day Fitness Challenge fully expresses my interest to get you in the best shape possible in the least time. 
  • It’s free! Need I say more? If you do decide that you want to contribute, making purchases from an Amazon.com link, or buying my eBook is appreciated, but not necessary. You can’t beat free! (Well, I guess if I payed you to workout…)
  • Friendly interface. I have spent countless hours (even sacrificing my own fitness) to design a website that if user-friendly, and easy to understand. Picking up your workout the next day could not be easier thanks to specialized scheduling buttons. In addition, every workout routine includes professionally filmed exercise video demonstration and nutrition tips provided by Dr. Gourmet.com. It’s a complete package for sure!
  • Nutrition tips. Because most of your weight loss success will be from dietary changes, the 30-Day Fitness Challenge includes simple, practical dietary and nutrition tips to help you shed weight and supplement recovery from your workout routines.
  • Learn new, time-saving techniques. The Exercise Menu 30-Day Fitness Challenge introduces convenient, time-saving workout routines. In fact, most workout routines will take you less than 20 minutes to complete!
  • Learn the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT).  Recent research continues to support the benefits of high intensity interval training, or HIIT. I have been fascinated to learn that HIIT training is possibly on of the best cardiovascular training methods to burn fat, build muscle and increase both sprint and long run endurance. Again , HIIT workouts take little time to complete.
  • Rest. Finally, the 30-Day Fitness Challenge will teach you how to properly rest and recover from your workout routine. When you earn it, there is nothing better than proper, rejuvenating rest.

To be honest – I am not much of a seller or marketer, but I hope that these facts about my beloved 30-Day Fitness Challenge will at least tempt you to give it a try!

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