I really don’t want to be cliche’… I  don’t want to be like every other fitness site that tries to convince you to join a program to get amazing results.  Although I want to set myself apart from other sites, the truth is that I don’t have to try — because, ExerciseMenu.com and this 30-Day Beginner Fitness Challenge are unique beyond measure.


  1. First, it is just me. No promoters,  no wizard behind big doors… In fact as I write this, I am preparing for my workout routine. Similarly, when I design the workouts, I am actively doing the workouts — sweat on my keyboard and all! I do this because it’s more than science and experience that is involved in each workout design. More importantly, it’s the feel of the workout routine that I want to try to pass onto you. There is no other way to do this but to be involved in the workout routine with you. You will be able to see my fingerprint behind each workout routine that you perform. This is no “cut and paste” program.
  2. I’m not a believer in hype, which honestly may be why “Exercise Menu” isn’t a household name (yet!). I do; however, believe in the basics behind a good, solid workout design that should be done efficiently. I don’t believe that insanely difficult workout routines have a place in the life of an average person. High-level athletes, okay. You and I, not so much… With this 30-Day Fitness Challenge, all of your daily workouts will be reasonable and easily adjusted to your level of fitness.
  3. I am the expert. No, I do not know everything, and sure, there are other experts who I look up to, who have taught me a lot. But, I am a physician who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/Sports Medicine, was a co-founder and designer of a non-profit weight loss program and I have experience in personal training and group exercise. I also am a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and read fitness and sports medicine news on a daily basis to make sure that I stay on my game to keep you fit in the best way possible. You can trust that my recommendations are birthed from a combination of research and extensive experience. What I recommend will work!
  4.  Finally, you are getting tons of useful information, in addition to, a prescribed workout routine. Each day, you will come out of your session both smarter and stronger than you were the previous day. I believe half the battle is knowledge. Simply, if you know better, you will do better! You will finish this program with a lot more fitness knowledge than the average person.

I truly have a passion for getting as many people as possible in better shape. The physical and mental benefits of health are priceless. A small investment now as a beginner in your fitness training, will pay off huge dividends in the near future.

Your time is now…

Jacques Courseault, M.D.
Jacques Courseault, M.D.Founder
Jacques Courseault, M.D. is a physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He has many years experience as a personal trainer in which he performed thousands of fitness consultations. Was the Co-Founder of a non-profit weight loss program, and Contributing Writer for DrGourmet.com and Livestrong.com. He is a strong believer that small, practical changes in nutrition and exercise habits can lead to great results…


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