Boxing is an incredibly high impact sport that can help people to improve their endurance, stamina, physical fitness and strength. And, training for boxing is also one of the best ways to lose weight! With boxing, you could shed more than a few pounds in a matter of weeks, but you’ll have to work hard at it. Training is intense and high impact, but the results can be absolutely amazing and fairly immediate.  Here are three amazing ways boxing actually helps you lose weight.

Intense cardio workouts

Cardiovascular (AKA cardio) exercises burn energy faster than any other form of exercise. It gets the heart working, the blood pumping and the muscles moving. Running, cycling, swimming, rowing and walking are all great examples of cardio workouts, but if you want something that’ll give you near instant results (and who doesn’t?) boxing is the exercise for you.

It’s thought that boxing with a bag could help you to lose between 354 and 558 calories per hour. The exact number of calories you burn will of course depend on your weight and the intensity of your workout

Boxing works pretty much every part of your body, whereas most other exercises will only target one area. You can build up muscle mass all over your body and improve your core strength. Your core strength is the most important, as this is where energy for those powerful punches comes from.

Sparring matches

Just working a punching bag isn’t going to get you the top results you’re looking for. Sparring against a living, breathing opponent will literally keep you on your toes, and while each session will only last a few minutes at the most it’s this kind of interval training that will get you fighting fit. An average person weighing 180lbs sparring for 60 minutes could lose around 735 calories!

Interval training is designed to be incredibly high impact, but you only get a short rest in between each session. This trains your body to recover quickly, and the intense sparring will burn a huge amount of calories while increasing your muscle mass.

Better nutrition

Exercise can only do so much though. If you’re looking to lose weight, you need to improve your diet as well. A diet high in lean protein, fruits, vegetables and omega-3 fats is essential.  You also need to stay hydrated, and if you want to bulk up your muscle mass while losing weight (fat).

Boxing is one of the best exercises you could possibly do if you’re looking to lose weight. It takes determination and perseverance to continue training though, so make sure you stay motivated.

This article was provided by Aurora Johnson.  Image courtesy of Shutterstock.