Some days, finding time to workout can be nearly impossible. You were going to wake up early, but overslept… You planned to go for a walk at lunch, but it rained. You had to pick up your kids after work, who needed help with their homework. You are going to cook dinner because you don’t want the groceries to go bad that you bought yesterday – and after dinner you have about 2 hours of work to complete before tomorrow.I feel ya… In keeping you in mind, the 250 Rep Workout You Can Do In Your Kitchen While Cooking, is designed to help you squeeze in a few healthy reps (workout moves) as you walk on the treadmill of life. This particular workout routine does not require any equipment, can be done in the small space of your kitchen and effectively works most of the muscles in your entire body. Knock out a few reps here and there, while the water is waiting to boil, or while the oven is getting warm. Even better, you know that none of those hungry bellies will bother you while you are cooking!

Enjoy the 250 rep kitchen workout routine!


Kitchen Workout Routine

Decline Push Up – Click to view the video

Do 50 push ups on your counter. Take a break when you need to, but complete all 50 reps.

Muscles Worked: Pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.


Squats – Click to view the video

Do 50 total squats to tighten up your lower body and to keep your thighs and hamstrings healthy.

Muscles Worked: Quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings.


Static Lunges – Click to view the video

Do these without the resistance band if you don’t have one. Perform 25 reps on each leg.

Muscles Worked: Glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, core muscles.


Calf Raises – Click to view the video

Finish your kitchen workout with 100 calf raises.

Muscles Worked: Calves


Now go eat that healthy food you just cooked! To optimize your post-workout recovery, you must follow certain steps.

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