The 250 Rep Workout for your Abs and Back is specifically designed to help you strengthen your core muscles. Stronger core muscle take the load off of your spine, improve posture and total body balance. Further, a strong core can help you perform your other exercises better because you will be more stable.

While Exercise Menu is the “Home of the 500 Rep Workout,” the 250 Rep Workout is a modification of this principle. While the 500 Rep Workout routine is preferred, the 250 Rep Workout can be utilized when there are time constraints or you are building your way up to being able to perform a full 500 Rep Workout.

Alright, time to get on the floor and knock out this 250 Rep Abs and Back Workout Routine!

250 Rep Abs and Back Workout Routine

Perform 50 repetitions of each exercise as described below!

If you have it in you, repeat the workout once more!