A “Just Right” Workout Routine

Once upon a time, a man and a woman walked into a gym to workout together. They had an “on and off” experience with resistance training, but wanted to rekindle their relationship with building muscle to optimize health. One member of the Exercise Menu community (we will call him John) approached them to explain the 500 Rep Workout routine concept, which seemed interesting, but a bit daunting at this point in their fitness time line. Another member of the gym approached them and introduced the “50 Rep Plan.” The member began to explain how he pays $79.99 per month for an email that sends him a 5-minute workout that promises a 50-pound weight loss in 2-weeks, and states that it will “Improve your muscle strength 10-fold.” This, of course was too much to be true.A workout routine that promised a bit too much and costs even more.

Immediately thereafter, John received an email update from Exercise Menu, that informed him of the new 250 Rep Workout routine! He explained the new workout plan to his new gym friends. They looked at each other and stated “This plan is just right!”


For the last few years, I have been promoting the concept of the 500 Rep Workout routine. Simply, choose 5 exercises and do 100 reps of each, or choose 10 exercises and do 50 reps of each. A simple concept to encourage you to reach your optimal level of fitness. The 500 Rep Workout has measurable end points and a layout that is straightforward. Even better, everything is done at your own personal best pace.

I believe that you should continue to strive to complete a 500 Rep Workout routine, but at the same time, realize that there are stepping stones. In addition, a 500 Rep Workout, although effective, may be too time consuming on certain days you are trying to get in a quick workout routine. Hence, I present another concept to tailor to many different levels of fitness: the 250 Rep Workout. Choose 5 exercises and perform 50 reps of each, or choose 10 exercises and perform 25 total reps of each. Now you have more options when choosing an Exercise Menu workout routine to include in your fitness regimen.

A workout routine that is just right!

Check out this one for today: Down to the Core 250/500 Rep Workout!

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