I absolutely love weight loss circuit workouts! A weight loss circuit workout is the perfect marriage between resistance training and cardiovascular exercise because it boosts your weight loss potential!

Research has shown that you can continue to burn calories for up to 14 hours after exercise! Furthermore, because a power circuit is timed you stay focused and you know you are done at a certain time. So, it’s easy to say “I’m going to start this workout at 6:40pm and be finished exactly at 7pm.” You can’t beat that. Even better, as you continue progressing with this weight loss circuit workout and others on the site, you will lose weight! Of course, keep in mind that you have to decrease your caloric intake or you will be canceling out your hard work…

The “Weight Loss Circuit Workout” focuses on just that. The best circuit exercises to burn the most calories.

Knock ’em out.

Weight Loss Circuit Workout Routine


Perform each exercise for 2 minutes. Take as little rest as possible. Pace yourself for the entire 2 minute period.

You can do one minute on each side… But challenge yourself to two minutes on each side if you are up for it!

Muscles Worked:Shoulders, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, core muscles.

A great exercise to seriously burn calories. All your major muscle groups are involved here.

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, triceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings.

Tighten up that belly!

Another classic you should master.

Feel those calories burn with calf raises!

Another major exercise to burn a significant number of calories.

Flutter those calories away!

Great for your “back side.”

Finish off with another classic you should master.

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