Finally, it’s the weekend and you have time to finally catch your breath, reorganize your thoughts and take care of yourself physically. Because my workout routines are fairly intense during the week, I prefer to do a somewhat “chill” workout for the weekend. Nothing too intense, but just enough to keep me fresh, energetic and fit. Do this workout routine sometime Saturday or Sunday morning, so you can have the rest of the day free to knock out your chores. Drink plenty of water, eat good, healthy food and consider yourself to be recharged for the week!

Perform each exercise for 90 seconds. Take a 30 second break between exercises. Finish all of the exercises, take a one-minute break, and then repeat. If you are using a heavy weight to build muscle, move at a slower pace. If you are using a lighter weight, you may go at a faster pace to build endurance.

When you finish this workout routine, post your time below. Next time you come back to the site, you will be able to reference it.

Your 20-Minute Home Weekend Workout Routine

Back Stretch– Click to view the video


Jog in Place – Click to view the video

Muscles Worked: Total body warmup/cardiovascular exercise.


Wood Chop (Dumbbells) – Click to view the video

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, core muscles.


Wall Sits – Click to view the video

Muscles Worked: Quadriceps, glutes, core muscles.


Decline Push Up on the Bench – Click to view the video

Muscles Worked: Pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.



Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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