Okay… So, you took Thursday off (because it was almost Friday), didn’t workout Friday (because it “technically” is the weekend), and Saturday and Sunday you relaxed because you are going to get in a good workout on Monday. Sound all too familiar. I’ve been there, and I think most of us have at some point. An at times, it’s true that we all need a guilt killer workout routine to get over the hump.

Well, today it is time to kill your guilt. Before your day gets too busy and you get caught up in life, set aside 20 minutes today to get in a good Guilt Killer Workout. You will feel refreshed, less anxious and better able to enjoy this week!

As difficult as it is for all of us to stick with a solid workout habit, try you best to be consistent. As much as I would love you to benefit from the Guilt Killer Workout Routine, I hope to not see you here too often, but it’s here when you need it!

Guilt Killer Workout Routine


Perform each exercise for 90 seconds. Finish all of the exercises, take a one-minute break, and then repeat.

If you are using a heavy weight to build muscle, move at a slower pace. If you are using a lighter weight, you may go at a faster pace to build endurance.

A challenging, but very effective multi-joint exercise for total body muscular health.

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, triceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings.

Curl and Delts

An effective workout for your biceps, pecs and shoulders. One of my favorites.

Muscles Worked: Biceps, shoulders, trapezius, core muscles.

Tighten up what “holds it all in…

Muscles Worked: Abdominal muscles, back muscles.

A great exercise to burn calories and build muscle in your thighs.

Muscles Worked: Abdominal muscles, back muscles, quadriceps, hip flexors.

Muscles Worked: Glutes, hamstrings

Don’t forget to repeat the circuit!

Nice work in completing the guilt killer workout routine! Post your time below to track your time on Facebook and encourage others!

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