This lazy workout routine is designed for you if you feel like this: “”Today I don’t feel like doing anything… (whistle, whistle, whistle), all I want to do is lay in my bed…” -Bruno Mars, Lazy Song

I have told myself this often (AKA now!). You have to give yourself credit for sticking with your workout routines on most days, but some days you just aren’t feeling it. Maybe you had a long work week, took a difficult test or are just tired. It’s okay, because as long as you are working hard and staying committed, it’s okay to take time off or perform a less intense lazy workout routine to be sure you don’t start losing your hard earned muscle mass and cardiovascular improvements. Even Bruno Mars did the 20-Minute Lazy Day Workout (ok, maybe it was P90X, but the Exercise Menu workout is better…). Take 20 minutes out of your lazy day to knock out this less intense lazy workout. Then, you can really enjoy your day being lazy.

Lazy Workout Routine


Perform each exercise for 90 seconds. Finish all of the exercises, take a one-minute break, and then repeat.

If you are using a heavy weight to build muscle, move at a slower pace. If you are using a lighter weight, you may go at a faster pace to build endurance.

When you finish this workout, post your time below. Next time you come back to the site, you will be able to reference it.

Get nice and warm… At least…

Muscles Worked: Total body warmup/cardiovascular exercise.

45 seconds on each leg… Beat up those calves!

Break this one up into multiple sets, but do as many as you can in the 90 second period. Push Ups work virtually every muscle in your upper body, and will be the only upper body targeted exercise today. Preserve all the upper body musculature you have worked so hard for!

Muscles Worked: Pectoral muscles, shoulders, triceps, biceps, core muscles.

Gotta keep your abs and thighs tight…

Muscles Worked: Abdominal muscles, back muscles, quadriceps, hip flexors.

Hold for 90 total seconds if you can… You can even do this one back in your bed or on the couch! Keeps your glutes and core tight. Why not knock this one out?

Muscles Worked: Glutes, hamstrings, back muscles.

Don’t forget to repeat the circuit!

Nice work in completing this lazy workout routine! Post your time below to track your time on Facebook and encourage others!

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Now, you can relax without feeling guilty 😉