1500 reps per week WILL give you your perfect physique.

“An apple a day to keep the doctor away…” is a catchy phrase that makes apples seem a lot healthier. Growing up, I did not understand the benefits of vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. but knew that if I ate my apples I wouldn’t get sick. A that point, nothing else mattered.

I often write of the many different workout fads, equipment and new research about what works best, but I too must admit that it can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Yes, there are companies that make many millions of dollars a year selling products or ideas, but on the other hand, many products and workout regimens are beneficial. It’s a science to tease out which ones are safe and beneficial, and many trainers do their best.

Although it can be fun to try new workouts and products, you should still have a stable exercise foundation. In other words, you should know how to put together a workout plan in a matter of seconds and just go do it! Hence, I introduce the “1500 Week to¬†Your Perfect Physique” model.

1500 is referring to the number of total repetitions you should perform per week. This is the only hard and fast rule.

Even better, this design can be manipulated to promote bigger muscles if you like to lift heavy weights, or it can be tailored to promote a better overall toned look.

You can choose the exercises that YOU want to do. Everyone has their own “Fitness ID,” which means that some enjoy doing particular exercises more than others. For examples, some prefer lower body exercises, while others may prefer core or upper body exercises. If you want hard abs, do more core exercises. You absolutely need to include exercises that workout your entire body, but design your workout to your desires.

The best part is that you have a goal to meet each week. Don’t stress about how you get to 1500, just get there.

Here is your foundation:

Overall toning plan: You can do three workouts of 500 reps per week. For the 500 rep workout, you will choose 5 exercises and do 100 reps of each. Take as many rest breaks as you need, limiting each rest break to under one minute. Include at least one Total Body Exercise.

Overall strength plan: 5 workouts per week, 300 reps per workout, 3 sets of 10 exercises (30 sets) with 10 reps in each set. (I checked the math 4 times, it’s right…) To simplify, you will perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions for 10 exercises, 5 days per week. For each set you do, you must choose a weight that you can only do 10 times. If you can do more than 10, then the weight is too light. Less than 10, then the weight is too heavy. Include at least 2 Total Body Exercises, then do what you like. However, never workout the same muscle group on two consecutive days. Often, I will do lower body and back one day, then upper body and abs the next.

Your custom plan: Do what you like! If you want to lift heavy weights one day, use multiple sets and fewer reps. Training for a marathon, use light weights and do 100 or more repetitions per exercise.

The point is to do 1500 reps per week, no matter how you do them.

Try this for four weeks and let me (and others in the new forum!) know how it works!

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