I’m a busy man… But today I had no excuse for not completing this 12-minute HIIT, high intensity interval cardio workout routine.

Here is today’s story:

Today, I had to wake up way to early to be able to go out and run. Besides, I am not a morning workout person — never was. So, running this morning was definitely not an option.

I planned on getting my run in after work, but because I work in a clinic, you just never know how long the day might be. Fortunately, the day was fairly typical, but other things in life came up. I needed to repair my windshield, buy some much needed groceries and needed to get some “after work” work done.

But no matter what! I wasn’t going to compromise on my cardio today. Not this time…

So, I decided to run after I quickly ran my errands, distraction free.

Here is the workout that I did today in 12-minutes. By the way, its’ 4 hours later and I just now stopped sweating!

12-Minute HIIT High Intensity Interval Training Cardio Workout Routine

Warmup:  Perform a 3 minute warm up jog.


I performed a HIIT workout routine, because of it’s many benefits that are highlighted well in this article. 

After my 3-minute run, I alternated sprinting for 8 seconds and walking for 12 seconds (I used an interval timer app on my iPhone). Remember, for any workout to be called a “HIIT” workout, you must give 100% maximal effort during your sprint interval.

I performed 9 total 8:12 intervals, for a total of 9 sprints and and 9 walking intervals.

I know I did it right because I was completely out of breath afterwards, and like I said, just slowed down on the sweating. Now I know that I will keep burning calories for the next 24-48 hours even at rest.

Thank you HIIT!