Today, let’s focus on targeting the largest muscle group in your body — your thighs! Your thigh muscles include your quadriceps group in the front and your hamstrings group in the back. Strong quadriceps are associated with better knee health, while strong, flexible hamstrings are also associated with knee health and decreased back pain.

From a functional perspective, stronger legs will help you to get the most out of your running, biking or swimming cardio workouts. And finally, stronger legs will help you accomplish physically demanding daily activities.

The Thigh Burning Pyramid Workout Routine targets both of these important muscle groups in a pyramid workout format. You will love this high-energy pyramid workout format because it is challenging, effective and can be done in as little as 20 minutes!

Burn your thighs! Improve your leg tone and overall lower body strength and endurance.

Thigh Burning Pyramid Workout Routine


Perform each exercise in the pyramid workout routine format.

I recommend a 2-3 minute warm up. Try a quick jog or spend a few minutes on an exercise bike or elliptical.

You will perform ten of each exercise during the first round. Perform nine of each exercise in the second round. Eight in the third round… All the way down to one repetition in your tenth round. Finally, for your eleventh round, you will perform eleven repetitions of each exercise!

Squats are one of the most effective exercises for quadriceps health. Let’s throw in some calf work while we are at it!

Hold a pair of dumbbells that are heavy enough to be challenging!

Burn your hamstrings and your glutes!

Give it your all here! Jump as high as you safely can!