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We have all been there and pulled out our best exercise excuses for avoiding exercise. Throughout my career as a personal trainer, I have come across some of the best. Use this list as motivation to overcome your most common exercise excuses!
  1. I don’t have time. If you do one set of your favorite exercise for two minutes everyday, it’s better than nothing! Grant it, you won’t make much progress soon, but it’s a start! Often just doing a few exercises, may warm you up and make you more willing to squeeze in a few more reps or exercise.
  2. My joints hurt. Yes, I completely understand how certain conditions can make exercise more difficult. In some cases, this can be one of your legitimate exercise excuses.  Check with your doctor first to make sure exercise is okay for you. If it is, then strengthening muscle and improving blood flow to your vital organs is only going to make you healthier in the end. Exercise at your pace and treat your pain or limitations as your doctor recommends.
  3. I don’t want to sweat or mess up my hair. Although not optimal, you can exercise at a slower rate to avoid sweating. In fact, The American College of Sports Medicine states that you can break up exercise into three ten minute segments throughout the day. This is one of the exercise excuses that can be avoided with alterations in your routine.
  4. I’m too tired. Exercise is a recommended method to increase your energy! Particularly, exercising in the morning before work can boost your energy throughout the day. On the other hand, exercising after work can help you clear your mind before completing household activities. On days when you have a lot on your plate, just make sure you don’t overdo your workout or you may be a bit fatigued. Otherwise, make exercise your physical caffeine!
  5. I’m already in shape. Yes, you may be the proper weight for your height and get considerable attention from members of the opposite sex, but chances are your muscles and heart are weak! If jogging a mile makes you nervous, then you are really not in great shape! Just because you are not overweight does not mean that you can’t develop diabetes, heart disease, cancer or other chronic diseases. Why take the risk?
  6. I’m not athletic enough. I know that starting an exercise regimen can be discouraging, particularly if you are overweight and out of shape. You must remember that things can only get better! The more weight you lose, the lighter you will feel. The more muscle you gain, the easier your exercises will become.
  7. I have plateaued and can’t get stronger. Often, if you have been working out for a while and have been doing the same exercises with the same routine, you may slow your advancement in fitness. You must frequently change the type of exercise you do, and vary the pace of your workouts. Interchange power circuits, and burnout workouts regularly.
  8. I will start Monday. This Monday becomes next Monday, becomes next year. What wrong with starting in the middle of the week anyway? Is there some rule? Start today!
  9. It’s too cold or too hot. Make adjustments to your routine to account for the weather. Dress appropriately for the temperature and schedule your workouts in the mid-day in the winter and evenings or early mornings in the summer. Exercise indoors when the weather is at each extreme.
  10. I’m taking medications to control my health problems. I have to admit, this is the worst excuse I have heard all year. I don’t even know what to say! Medications are there to help maintain certain health parameters that exercise and proper diet may be able to control. Don’t skip out on taking your medications, but don’t avoid exercise because of medications.

Find ways to cross these exercise excuses off of your barriers to exercise list. Exercise excuses can easily be avoided with changes in the way that you approach exercise. Take a step back, look at your life and avoid these exercise excuses!